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Statement on the release of Rwandan nationals by Uganda


The Government of Rwanda through its High Commission in Kampala welcomes the release of thirteen (13) Rwandan nationals and the deportation of two (2) terror suspects who were involved in the October 2019 Kinigi attacks.

The Government of Rwanda recalls that it has already terminated the prosecution of seventeen (17) Ugandan citizens and released three (3) who have completed their sentences. All of them were deported or sent back to Uganda.

The Government of Rwanda reiterates that there are urgent issues that were agreed with Uganda during the last Ad Hoc Commission meeting held in Kigali, and officially transmitted on 15 February 2020 through Note Verbale no 0692, that were to be responded to by 20 February 2020.  These are:

 (1) The verification of operations and fundraising activities of the following individuals: Prossy Bonabaana, Sula Nuwamanya, Dr. Rukundo Rugali, Emerithe Gahongayire and Emmanuel Mutarambirwa, all part of the RNC leadership in Uganda through an NGO called the Self-Worth Initiative;

(2) The verification of Charlotte Mukankusi’s  travel history to Uganda, especially during the month of January 2020 and the withdrawal of her Ugandan passport number A000199979;

(3) The verification of the presence of RUD-Urunana terrorist suspects who were involved in the October 2019 Kinigi attacks. Of the three issues communicated, only this one has been partially fulfilled as only two have been handed over to Rwanda. Mugwaneza Eric and Capt. Nshimiye aka Gavana who led the attack in Kinigi -with the support of a senior official of the Government of Uganda- have not yet been arrested and handed over to Rwanda.

The Government of Rwanda hopes that these actions by the Government of Uganda will contribute to eliminating all forms of support by Uganda to anti-Rwanda destabilisation elements and terrorist groups and hold accountable officials of all groups operating from Uganda and their Ugandan officials supporters.

The Government of Rwanda remains fully committed to meet its obligations in the implementation of the Luanda MoU.






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