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The Government of Rwanda to facilitate reintegration of returnees from DRC


Kigali, 30 December 2019 – The Government of Rwanda has recently welcomed 1,919dependents of ex-combatants (1428 children, 479women and 12 men) repatriated from the Democratic Republic of Congo, after being separated from anti-Rwanda militia based there. 

They are currently hosted at Nyarushishi Transit Centerin Rusizi District, Western Province where they are provided with food, clothing, shelter and medication. At the centre, they receive health screening, civic education and thereafter will return to their respective home villages for further reintegration in the community through existing programmes. 

It is important to note that Rwanda has also received 362 ex-combatants repatriated in two batches (291 on 16 December, and 71 on 22 December 2019) who are now enrolled in the demobilisation and reintegration program. 

The Government of Rwanda is grateful for DRC’s efforts in dismantling anti-Rwanda armed groups. This is contributing to the return of peace and security in the region, as well as the repatriation of ex-combatants and their families that were held hostage by negative forces.

The Government of Rwanda will continue to provide all necessary assistance to the repatriated citizens and facilitate their quick reintegration in their communities through existing programmes.

The Government of Rwanda urges those who are still trapped in the forests of DRC to return to Rwanda, and join fellow citizens in the country’s development. Doors remain open for those who wish to return home.





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