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Rwanda’s economy grew by 11.9 percent in the 3rd Quarter.


Kigali, 15 December 2019 - Rwanda’s GDP at current market prices was estimated to be Frw 2,358 billion, in the third quarter of 2019 up from Frw 2,065 billion in Q3 2018. estimates calculated in 2014 prices show that GDP was 11.9 percent higher compared to the same quarter of 2018, the National Institute of Statistics has said. 

In this quarter, services sector contributed 49 percent of GDP, agriculture sector contributed 27 percent of the GDP, Industry sector contributed 17 percent of the GDP and 7 percent was attributed to adjustment for taxes and subsidies on products.

Agriculture growth was 8% and contributed 2.0 percentage points to overall GDP growth. 

Within agriculture, food crops production increased by 5 percent compared to 3 percent in the same quarter of 2018. Export crops increased by 22 percent mainly due to the increase of 22 percent in the production of Coffee and 29 percent in the production of Tea.

The Industry growth was 14 percent and contributed 2.5 percentage points to GDP growth. The main contributors in the industry sector were Construction activities which grew by 29 percent and Manufacturing activities which grew by 13 percent.  

The service sector grew by 13 percent and contributed 6.2 percentage points to overall GDP growth. The growth in Services sector is due to an increase of 25 percent in wholesale & retails trade activities of locally made and imported products, 18 percent in transport services, 9 percent in financial services, 15 percent in Hotel & restaurant services, 15 percent in Public Administration, 10 percent in Professional, scientific & technical activities, 6 percent in Administrative & support service activities, while telecommunication services decreased by 5 percent.

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